Abstract: One of the teething concerns of government is the security of the citizens of the country. It is no news to say that individuals who do not have licenses gain access to ammunition and weapons. Suffice to say that inadequacy in the management of weapons especially those kept in the stockpiles has been identified as a major contributing factor. Poor stockpile management of weapons results in the deterioration of ammunition leading to an unsafe environment for citizenries. Conversely, the safe, efficient, and effective management of national stockpiles of conventional ammunition and explosives would enhance military and police capabilities and also reduce threat and fear of unwanted explosions. The main idea of this work is to study the national weapon and ammunition stockpiles and develop an effective system with real-time features to enable countries have effective mechanism to keep track of their weapons, ensuring safe storage and reduce risks of illegal theft of weapons and identifying losses quickly. This work will serve as an effective element for counter-proliferation and ensuring the safety of explosives. The real-time feature of the system will help in identifying weapons and explosives that require maintenance. However, pre-information on weapons and ammunition expiry date and shelf-life will be notified by the system. Finally, legal weapons recovered from crime scene would be run an instant check to know the personnel officially assigned to it/them.

Keywords: Ammunitions, Armoury, Explosives, Personnel, Real-time, Shelf-life.