Abstract: The middleware deals with different functionality such as service discovery, asynchronous messaging, publish/subscribe event management,managingand storage of context information, constructing the user interface and management of the local and network resources. Also, it allows controlling the connectivity of the device; the middleware is proficient to switch traffic from one network connection to another. In this literature review paper, we are presenting the experience of several research papers related to the next generation of middleware systems. Our work is concerned with providing basic understanding about the current requirements of mobile computing systems and how they can be achieved by modifying the existing middleware systems. Initially, we have defined Mobile Computing, its functions and different Mobile Platforms. Further, we have defined middleware and described its common features. Purposely, we have indicated the major challenges in mobile computing systems and analyzed the requirements of mobile computing. Following this, we review the different categories of mobile middleware technologies and show their relative strengths and weaknesses. On a broader perspective, we have tried to identify the major requirements for context-aware middleware systems and discussed how context-aware middleware can resolve the major issues in the development of application for pervasive computing. Also, we have highlighted the latest trend in context-aware computing; Internet of Things (IoT).

Keywords: Mobile Computing; Middleware; Context-Aware Middleware; Internet of Things.