Abstract: Handoff plays a pivotal role in wireless communication. It is responsible for providing seamless communication between Base Stations (BSs) when user moves from one cell to another. An accurate handoff decision is very hard because at the cell boundary Mobile Terminal (MT) experiences signal from serving BS as well as from neighbouring BSs. In this situation MT fluctuates between BSs due to which unnecessary handoffs occur and demean the signal quality, which is not acceptable. As an attempt in this direction, a fuzzy logic based controller is developed in this paper to reduce the number of unnecessary handoffs. With the advantage of feedback technology, this controller deals with the impact of indeterminable changes in the received signal strength (RSS) as the user moves. This controller helps to take an accurate decision only when handoff is needed. Simulation results reveal that the proposed controller reduces handoff probability and number of unnecessary handoffs.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Handoff Decision, Cellular Networks, Received Signal Strength.