Abstract: In order to supply the power from photovoltaic system or solar panel at a low voltage to a grid at high voltage, a power electronic converter is required which must be capable of both voltage boosting and inversion. Newly introduced Switched boost inverter is a single stage dc-ac power converter whose output voltage can be either greater or less than its input dc voltage and is capable of achieving both these objectives. This converter can supply both ac and dc loads simultaneously which makes it suitable for micro grid applications. This converter allows the switching shoot through switching state of the inverter legs for boosting the input voltage and compensates the dead time effects and avoid the risk of damaging the converter. In this paper principle of operation of switched boost inverter is explained in detail. Also pulse width modulation control strategy for switched boost inverter is formulated and implemented using simple analog circuit.

Keywords: Switched Boost Inverter (SBI), pulse width modulation (PWM), Photovoltaic source (PV).