Abstract: This research work is a performance evaluation of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Benin analogue Transmitter in Edo State Nigeria. In this work, the radio frequency (RF) forward Power for Vision and sound, the radio frequency (RF) reflected power for vision and sound, the input and output temperature of the transmitter and the field effect transistor readings (current, Voltage and temperature) were obtained directly from the analogue transmitter for a period of one month(July 2013). The average RF forward vision and sound powers of the transmitter were 4.5kw are 99w respectively while the input and output temperature of the transmitter were 27oc and 32oc at 12noon, 27oc and 32oc at 5pm and 26oc and 30oc at 6am. The result shows that none of the power amplifier module could pass the supposed amount of current of 18A for optimal performance. However the voltage across each module was 28V which indicates that the transmitter performed satisfactorily.

Keywords: Analog, Transmitter, Television, Power, Vision