Abstract: Digital vocalizer is a social initiative project that aims to uplift people who are speech and hearing impaired, by facilitating them to have a better communication with the public. It is estimated that there are about 9.1 billion people in the world who are deaf and are have speech impairments. In their day to day life, they face a lot of problems whilst trying to communicate with society. Generally, the deaf and ones who have speech impairments use sign language for communication, but they find it difficult to communicate with others who do not understand sign language. Sign language relies on sign patterns, i.e. body language, orientation and movements of the arm and fingers etc. to convey information between people. This venture is conceptualized to address the need of developing an electronic device that can translate sign language into speech in order to facilitate easy communication between the dumb and deaf and the general public.

Keywords: Vocalizer, speech and hearing impaired, dumb and deaf.