Abstract: Information has become a basic resource in economic systems, especially in enterprises. In order to maintain enterprises to continue and survive, it is necessary to collect and store everything that helps them serve their activity, and from here, enterprises need to work on collecting, processing, storing and transmitting such information through information systems. In light of globalization, the world has become deeply sophisticated and fast-paced economically speaking. As a result of the depth of this development and the rapid changes in the field of information technology, the world has entered the era of information society. In this era, KSA Small and Medium Enterprises have become a common factor in the growth of the KSA economy, especially when implementing and applying information system methods in enterprises. This paper aims to discuss the growth of KSA SMEs in recent years and explore the role of information systems in their prosperity.

Keywords: SMEs, KSA, Information Systems, KSA economy, SMEs.