Abstract: A vehicular Ad Hoc Network specially appointed system (VANET) utilizes as portable hubs in a MANET to make a versatile network. A VANET transforms each partaking nodes into a remote switch or hub, permitting nodes roughly 100 to 300 meters of one another to join and, thusly, make a system with a wide range. The requirement for vigorous VANET systems is firmly reliant on their security and protection characteristics, which will be examined in this paper. In this paper a different sorts of security issues furthermore difficulties of VANET been broke down and examined; we likewise examine a set of arrangements displayed to take care of these difficulties and issues. It turns into a key part of the adroit transport framework. A great deal of works has been carried out towards it yet security in VANET got less consideration. In this article, we have examined about the VANET and its specialized and security challenges.

Keywords: VANET, MANET, Security, ITS