Abstract: Smartphones are available to almost everyone nowadays so when a user visits a new place they can easily use their phones to help user in navigation. Many technologies have been used over the years for the purpose of navigation like Bluetooth, GPS, WIF, RFIDs, and external sensors (like inertial sensor). But all these techniques are either not efficient or expensive. The best choice for the navigation purpose inside a building is a WIFI because other technologies have various limitations. So we use WIFI technology which is already inbuilt in userís mobile phone. The proposed system uses WIFI to help user in navigation by providing localization functionality by using triangulation method. The system has two types of userís administrator and the application user. The administrator is responsible for creating and maps of the site if they are not already available. The user utilizes these maps for the navigation through the site by entering a destination. The shortest path is calculated by the system and provided to the user. User can save their location, browse the offers and event calendar of the site. User can also track and communicate with other users of the application.

Keywords: Mobile sensors, Floor plan, Map matching and Triangulation