Abstract: Today the concept of pervasive computing (ubiquitous computing) is growing rapidly in smartphones. It requires the device to be up and running all the time and constantly connected. In smartphones different sensors like proximity, microphone, magnetometer; GPS, WIFI, camera etc. are embedded in the device. These sensors are active all the time for the purpose of collecting all the user contextual data so it can be used further analysis. This system works on inferring the users microenvironment event change i.e. sensors analyse the input data and detect any events through the parameters.as these sensors have to run continuously it effects the battery consumption rate and all the sensors and processes affect the performance of the system as a whole.so the required measures to control these limitations like killing unnecessary processors. This system helps in increasing the efficiency of user by automatically deducing the events and taking actions for the same. So itís a non-invasive process with minimal user interference. User is immediately alerted to any events that requires userís attention. This system also has a security functionality to help protect user and the mobile unit as well.

Keywords: smartphone sensors, Context aware computing, ubiquitous computing, and inferring activities