Abstract: In earlier days, food ordering was a completely manual process where a waiter used to note down orders from the customers using pen and paper, take the orders to the kitchen, bring the food and make the bill. With the advancement in the computer and communication technology, various systems were launched in market for the purpose of automation of the food ordering system. Some of the existing systems are: Q-order, The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) based system & AOS-RTF (Automated Food Ordering System with Real Time Customer Feedback) System. Android smart phones attract both the general and commercial (i.e. Business) users. Hence, considering the promising future of Android market, it is beneficial and worth to write applications for android that target masses of people. It will also provide quality of service to the customer. It is a revolutionary food ordering system for the restaurant sector, made by combining the Android and Wireless technology.

Keywords: Computers, catering, Food establishment, Q-order, PDA, AOS-RTF