Abstract: Surveillance is a regular collection, analysis, and interpretation of data on disease patterns of a geographic area which helps in indicating outbreaks of major health related symptoms. In developing countries like India, efficacy of a surveillance system is often hindered by the quality and availability of data. Internet of Things (IoT) concept enables the possibility of information discovery about a tagged object or a tagged person by browsing an internet addresses or database entry that corresponds to a particular active RFID with sensing capability. In the Internet of Things based "Smart Disease Surveillance" the smart device, which is none other than the main server located in every hospital which maintains patient records, will automatically process and send the required information to the backbone network. This backbone network will in turn process and give information to the health ministry so that the trends are understood quick, smart and easy. This will help the ministry to take necessary steps without much delay as all the information is given by the smart devices.

Keywords: Disease Surveillance, Internet of Things, Disease Surveillance in India, Health care India ideas.