Abstract: This paper introduces the use and purpose of various search engines used for multiple purposes search. Search engines help us to search for data and information that are used for specific purposes. The most popularly used search engines used are Google, Yahoo! Search, Bing, Ask etc. Using one of these search engines we can search different types and categories of information. Features of search engines are super fast set-up, advanced site search, reports track visitors searches, automatic site map, automatic what’s new list, optimal web search, complete customization, scheduled re-indexing, content monitoring, no fixed page limit, ease of use indexing of password protected pages and much more. In this paper we are discussing different search engines used for specialty search, business search, legal search, news search, people search, real estate and property search, multimedia search, shopping search.

Keywords: My way, Work.com, Westlaw, Google News, Peek You, Right move, You tube, Shop zilla.