Abstract: The world of science cannot be measured in terms of development and progress. It shows how far human mind can work and think. It has now reached to the technology known as “Blue Eyes Technology” that can sense and control human emotions and feelings through gadgets. The eyes, fingers, speech are the elements which help to sense the emotion level of human body. This paper implements a new technique known as Emotion Sensory World of Blue Eyes Technology which identifies human emotions (sad, happy or thinking) using image processing techniques by extracting eye portion from the captured image which is then compared with stored images of database. After identifying mood the songs will be played to make human emotion level normal. So, the media player is based on blue eyes technology[1]. Emotion detection has several applications in areas such as artificial intelligence, image processing, intelligent Human-Computer interfaces. This paper reviews the literature on different aspects like different theories of emotions, methods of detecting emotions like face detection, eye detection, lip detection. This paper reviews comparative techniques for recognizing emotions through images.

Keywords: emotions, images, image processing, sense, emotion, emotion detection, facial expression, face detection, lip detection, eye detection.