Abstract: Wireless sensor networks sense data and implements wide range of practical applications development. Although WSNs have the capability to be applied to some applications but there is some limitations associated with it in some environments. Energy efficiency is the primary factor in WSN and energy level maintenance is the important problem in distributed sensor networks. Cluster based communications protocols implements the energy efficiency mechanisms in WSN. Cluster head (CH) selection is the important factor of those protocols. Existing protocols (SEECH) select CH and relays separately based on nodes eligibilities. But the energy problem retains in these protocols when aggregate data is transmitted from CH to sink. The CRDD protocol is used and implements a new concept which creates a region and connects the Base Station (BS) to the canter point of the region. This will reduces the unnecessary packet flow from CH to sink and increase the energy level through reliability. Experimental results produce the effective solution and achieve a good performance.

Keywords: SEECH, CH, CRDD, BS.