Abstract: Itís a known fact that teaching is a two way process i.e. the exchange of knowledge between a teacher and a student. In this changing world, technology is expanding at a very fast rate. From the world of landline phones we have shifted to android mobile phones. The world has seen advancement in technology by hundred folds in past 10 years. From just blackboard study, things have shifted to the online world, known as e-learning. This paper highlights the impact of teaching Electronics practical by E-learning based approach on undergraduate students. A batch of 50 students was selected. Videos and Animations were shown to the students based on various practicals which they perform in their laboratory. After that, students were asked to perform the same practicals in the laboratory and were asked to fill a feedback form, which had questions enquiring about their experience in performing experiments based on the approach of e-learning techniques. The results (feedback from students) obtained were analysed keeping in mind the various e-resources shown to them.

Keywords: Teaching, Knowledge, Technology, E-learning, Experiment, Impact, Student