Abstract: Consumers tend to choose unforgettable passwords that are easy for aggressors to guess, but strong system allotted passwords are hard for users to recall. Many protection primitives are based on difficult mathematical complications. Utilizing strong AI problems for security is issuing as a stimulating new prototype. A novel protection primitive is introduced based on strong AI problems, namely, a new family of graphical password schemes built up on top of Captcha technology, which is known as Captcha as Graphical Password (CaRP). CaRP deals a number of security troubles altogether, such as online approximating attacks, relay attacks, and, if merged with dual- position technologies, shoulder- browsing attempts. Notably, aCaRP password can be detected alternatively by automatic online estimating attacks still if the password is in the research set. CaRP also offers a new approach to cover the well- experienced image hotspot trouble in popular graphical password organizations, such as Pass Points, which often extends to weak password selections. CaRP is not a panacea, but it extends sensible protection and usability and comes out to fit well with some practical lotions for bettering online security.

Keywords: Graphical password, CaRP, Captcha, dictionary attack, password guessing attack, protection primitive.