Abstract: In today's high technology environment, organizations are becoming more and more dependent on their information systems. The public is increasingly concerned about the proper use of information, particularly personal data. The threats to information systems from criminals and terrorists are increasing. Today’s information system the security is largely supported by password for authentication process .The most of password contains alphanumeric and special characters it is highly vulnerable. To overcome the drawbacks of traditional method we propose new authentication method to abolish well known Security threats like brute force, dictionary attacks phishing attacks and spyware attacks. Encryption is a process of changing the data into unreadable format, much of the data flows through information system is highly sensitive need to be protected, and the disadvantage of widely used public key encryption is time consuming.Public-key encryption may be vulnerable to impersonation, even if the intruder not able to get private key. A massive attack on a highly secured network will allow an intruder to imitate or mimic the adversary chooses to by using a public-key from the compromised security network to the key of the adversary's choice in the name of another user. To overcome the drawbacks of traditional encryption we introduce RGB color code oriented encryption method. The data consists of characters, symbols and digits. The data are converted in ASCII value, then these ASCII value are grouped into four digits and then the each part is assigned typical html RGB color codes, then these codes are converted into binary values and the binary values are compressed using simple XOR operations. Finally the data transmitted to receiver.

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