Abstract: Cloud computing is a type of computing, instead of having local servers or personal devices to handle applications it trusts on sharing computing resources. Cloud services can help the healthcare industry to access and manage health records effectively in order to provide better patient care. A properly implemented cloud storage system allows hospitals to process tasks effectively and quickly, without causing a drop in performance. This paper mainly focuses on security concerned privacy data enhancement in the cloud environment.. One of the privacy preserving techniques called Anonymization is used, which removes identifying attributes from the database and making the data identification difficult to anybody except the data owners. In this project L-Diversity Technique is used for the Anonymization of the Patient data. the system proposes to integrate key management from pseudorandom number generator for unlink ability, a secure indexing method for privacy preserving keyword search which hides both search and access patterns based on redundancy.

Keywords: Anonymization, Cloud Computing, Data Storage Protection, Privacy Preserving, Security, Shared Data,Data Identification,L-Diversity Technique.