Abstract: Communication plays an important role for human beings. Communication is treated as a life skill. Keeping these important words in mind we present our paper to mainly focused on aiding the speech impaired and paralysed patients. Our work helps in improving the communication with the deaf and dumb using flex sensor technology. A brief description about various gestures and the implementation part is discussed in this paper. A device is developed that can translate different signs including Indian sign language to text as well as voice format. Flex sensors are placed on hand gloves for the use of above said people. Flex sensorís resistance changes according to the flexion experienced. Sensors in the glove pick up gestures and transmit that to text data with the help of Analog to Digital convertor and microcontrollers. This converted text data will be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to a cell phone which runs Text to Speech software and incoming message will be converted to voice. Here device recognises Indian sign language alphabets, numbers and symbols based on sensor movement.

Keywords: Flex sensor, ADC, AT89S52 microcontroller, LCD, Bluetooth module