Abstract: Nowadays the fast growth and evolution on technologies such as cloud computing, mobile computing and geographic information systems (GIS) inherently exhibit spatiotemporal phenomena. These technologies have created opportunities for business implementation that utilize advanced mapping, mobile field-based applications and location aware systems. The capability to process and handle a big volume of data using cloud computing and to access location information via mobile have made GIS technology utilizes more widely. In this paper, we introduce a new mobile GIS cloud computing architecture that increase the efficiency of processing by decreasing the transmission time for data this is based on decreasing the size of transmitted data. The mobile geographic patrolling system based on cloud GIS has great significance for the development of gas pipeline patrolling. We propose pipeline patrolling prototype system which utilizes such technology.

Keywords: Cloud computing; mobile computing; GIS; mobile cloud computing; mobile GIS; virtual machine (VM), cloud GIS; gas pipeline patrolling.