Abstract: Now a day’s internet is the most fundamental thing in the computerized world but because of Internet & various infected devices, the system performance degrades and system becomes slower than its capacity due to that our result, output is not going to maintain certainty and surety. The safety and reliability of current Internet and various System networks have been constantly challenged by the increased frequency and virulence of worm outbreaks. Worms are on the top of malware threats attacking computer system although of the evolution of worms detection techniques. Main reason behind that our Internet is important facility but it has some problems due to scanning worms, topological worms, web worms & botnet.This paper produce a method for detecting unknown worms uses Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for classifying worm/ nonworm traffic and predicting the percentage of infection in the infected network. In this paper we are organizing structure of Perfect Cyber Entrap system that will fastly detect and quarantining all such worms and vulnerable situations and quarantining such worms due to that our system gives perfect security mechanism from all such worms and makes system more accurate and fast.

Keywords: Perfect Cyber Entrap, Botnet, Internet, Scanning worms, Artificial Neural Network (AAN).