Abstract: In past couple of decades, there is immediate growth in field of agricultural technology. Irrigation by help of freshwater resources in agricultural areas has a crucial importance. Because of highly increasing demand for freshwater, optimal usage of water resources has been provided with greater extent by automation technology. Traditional instrumentation based on discrete and wired solutions, presents many difficulties on measuring and control systems especially over the large geographical areas. Utilization of proper method of irrigation by drip is very reasonable and proficient in remotely monitored embedded system for irrigation purposes have become a new essential for farmer to accumulate his energy, time and money and will take place only when there will be requirement of water. In this approach, the soil test for chemical constituents, water content, and salinity and fertilizer requirement data collected by wireless and processed for better drip irrigation plan. This paper describes an application of a wireless sensor network for low-cost wireless controlled irrigation solution and real time monitoring of water content of soil.

Keywords: Drip irrigation, Fertilizer, Multiplexer, Pressure sensor, Remote monitoring, Soil sensors, ZigBee.