Abstract: Consumption of energy is a vital design concern in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), since nodes are powered by batteries with inadequate energy, whereas in existing dynamic source routing (DSR) does not take the energy restriction of MANET nodes into account. Also there occurs a problem of broken links due to the lack of energy which cause disorder in network system. Such problem occurs due to the unawareness of energy of mobile neighbour nodes. In this study, it proposes an efficient algorithm for MANETs, which maximises the network lifetime. It is used to determine the local link connectivity information for monitoring the link status between nodes along with the incorporation of Dynamic On Demand Routing Protocol to reduce the energy consumption of mobile nodes to certain extent. These protocols use shortest path as a main metric to establish routing between source and destination. The proposed mechanism is implemented with MATLAB.

Keywords: MANET, DSR, AODV, Shortest Path, Reactive Routing Protocol etc.