Abstract: Redefinition of the Business Trends in the IT Infrastructure Solutions industry took place in the last few years with the incorporation of SMAC stack as the major constituent of the major IT Business Model that led to Digitalization of the IT Business Solutions. The SMAC architecture is quite good but it lacks two major aspects namely the Semantics of the Web and Web Optimizations and the usage of Internet of Things (IOT) as its primary technology. A new technology stack SWIMAC for enhancing the IT business trends is proposed and analyzed. The Technology-Impact Distribution of the constituent technologies in the SWIMAC architecture is studied. Also a survey is conducted for the technologies in SWIMAC and the results are studied. Finally empirical justifications for SWIMAC as a separate architecture is put forth for incorporation of Web Semantics and IOT in the SWIMAC architecture.

Keywords: Digitalization, Social media, Semantic Web, IOT, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Business Trends, SMAC, SWIMAC, Intelligent Agents.