Abstract: In earlier days image search suffer from the unreliability of the assumptions under which the initial text based image search result. However, producing such results containing a large number of images and with more number of irrelevant images.Many researchers have already supported the web search engines in indentifying the user search objectives, and also locating the nearest content to fulfil their needs. Day by day the dependability on search engines is being increased and today the web search engine (especially Google) has a proverb “IT GOD”. It is the time to concentrate towards betterment of the optimal results from object search like pictures/images, which is very poor at present scenarios. In this connection, we propose a new method to identify the nearest images for user queries by their navigations in the current and previous sessions. We also calculate the ratio of interest and the objective of search. The main problem is to find the users exact requirement, because their query may be ambiguous, for example the word java means a programming language and an ancient bike. Here, we propose scenario that efficiently calculate the user interests and also the main objective of the user query. Finally, our proposal is a promising method in terms of good precision and recall.

Keywords: Query; evaluating the objectives; Goal cluster.