Abstract: The amalgamation of low-bit-rate data coders into incipient land and satellite mobile communication arrangements presents glitches which aforementioned communication systems have certainly not encountered. One of the utmost important of these complications is the degradation knowledgeable in data quality as a consequence of corruption of the transmitted data information by channel errors. The ambitions of error control mechanisms are to afford and protect the data from errors caused by packet loss due to congestion and link failure. The error control classified into two sorts: Error correction coding and Error detection coding. Error control mechanisms for wireless applications can be classified into four types: forward error correction (FEC), retransmission, error resilience, and error concealment. In this review paper, we provide a survey on the prevailing error control mechanisms, representative error mechanisms systems. We pronounce the encounters and solutions of each error control mechanisms. To end with, we demonstrate the Aspectsupshot in the data quality through transmission over wireless systems.

Keywords: Forward error correction, Channel Coding, Wireless communication, Block codes, convolutional codes, turbo code, reed-Solomon codes, BCH codes, RSC codes, Multiple Antenna System.