Abstract: Security and safety is one of the most talked of topics in almost every facet like surveillance, industrial applications, offices, and in general, in smart environments. In this paper we design a home embedded surveillance system which evaluates the development of a Low-cost security system using small PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) module and piezo sensor built around microcontroller. Presence of individual is detected when the system senses the signal generated by many sensors and image capturer. The system triggers an alarm detecting the presence of unauthorized person in a specific interval of time and simultaneously sends a message to the MS through GSM Modem. When the embedded system is activated, the CCTV camera is activated. This highly reactive approach has low computational requirement.Therefore it is well suited for home surveillance system. Test performed gave promising results.

Keywords: PIR Module, piezo sensor, GSM Modem, CCTV Camera, ATMEGA 32, Fresnel lens, wiring system.