Abstract: Generally Software-as-a-service clouds were built on software as a service along with service-oriented architecture. This assists the providers of application service in conveying their applications by means of substantial cloud computing infrastructure. In the traditional efforts while confidentiality as well as privacy protection exertions was broadly studied, the problem of service integrity attestation has not been appropriately addressed. In our work we mainly spotlight on data processing services which have turned out to be popular with applications in numerous usage areas. We present IntTest, which is a scalable and efficient integrated service integrity attestation structure intended for software-as-a-service cloud multitenant cloud systems. The proposed approach offers a novel integrated attestation graph analysis method which can not only identify attackers more resourcefully by taking an integrated approach, but also can hold back aggressive attackers and limit the scope of damage that is caused by colluding attacks.

Keywords: Software-as-a-service, Integrated attestation graph analysis, Cloud computing, IntTest, Attackers.