Abstract: In today’s world of computer security, integrity and confidentiality of data is the most important and a primary concern. The issue related to the security of electronic data when transmitted over the internet is dealt in this paper. Data encryption is widely used to ensure security of the data. The encryption standards such as DES (Data Encryption Standard) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) are widely in use to resolve the issues of transmission over an insecure channel. With the advancement in computer software and hardware, these standards seem not to be so secure and fast as one would like. In this paper we have proposed a fast and secure dual encryption algorithm using permutations, shifting operations. The proposed symmetric encryption procedure has two advantages over conventional schemes. Firstly, the encryption and decryption processes are much simpler and faster. Secondly, the security level is higher due to the application of dual encryption on the data which is being transmitted. The encryption and decryption procedures are explained in this paper.

Keywords: Integrity, Confidentiality, Encryption, Decryption, Symmetric Key, Permutations, Cryptography.