Abstract: It is very difficult to understand the content or material in packaged product for the blind persons. With the help of sensation and smelling blind person can identify the material like sugar, salt etc. but the contents or materials in packaged productsare very difficult to understand so in this project we are dealing with this drawback and find out product information reading for blind person. To identifythe information about thepackaged product by using camera and the image taken from camera is given to mat lab for image processing.In mat lab the image of the product is comparedwith training dataset which was captured by camera and if the comparison of the captured image equals to the training dataset given to Bluetooth module of microcontroller and this is transferred to Bluetooth inbuilt android mobile. The corresponding information or application related to the tag is opened in the android mobile. The image and the text related to packaged productsare displayed on android mobile device and also voice announcement of the same text will be announced from therelated application installed in mobile device. So the user can hear the informationof packaged product by connecting earphones toandroid mobile device.

Keywords: Portable Camera, Blind person, packaged products, mat lab, information reading, android mobile.