Abstract: High definition images are generated using the latest technology in image capturing. However the storage space requirements increases manifold since the large size of high definition images demands more memory. There have been a few methodologies recommended by various studies for the storage and retrieval of image data. This paper has identified two popular approaches to store images on cloud infrastructure. The first approach is to make use of Mirage Library which has commonly been exercised in IaaS Clouds to store image as structured data. The next approach is based on a technology called Deduplication to store the image by deploying kernel-space file system with Deduplication in the image storage server. Both these approaches are found to be effective in reducing the storage needs on virtual image store. This paper discusses a technique to compress data chunks (that are pre-processed through Mirage Library or Deduplication) using Compressed Sensing to further reduce the storage needs. It also encrypts the data chunks to ensure secure data storage.

Keywords: Deduplication, Mirage, Delta deployment, Image storage, Open Stack, Compressed Sensing.