Abstract: Augmented Reality also known as AR is an upcoming technology in which the real-time environment is being totally imposing the information which is being generated by computer which includes graphics, text data, and even the audio contents on to the display device. The existing system is an android based mobile applications and the proposed system will be on the desktop based applications which will be further compatible with all the versions of any operating systems. The main motive of Augmented Reality (AR) is to augment the virtual world objects into the real world objects. It will consider every graphical view such as top, bottom, right, front, left, back side of that particular object. The object will be placed on to the 3D plane/cube which will help to map the actually virtual object completely and then it appears similarly as that of the coexisting within environment. The main advantage will be that it will be already compared to the Two Dimensional applications that would display in the Three Dimensional applications and also will allow any user to rotate it. Itís mainly useful for the Engineering students. It will combine it with interactive 3D content with the purpose for understanding the graphics and also improving the visualization skills.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Processing, Marker, Operating System, Engineering Graphics, Geometry Applications.