Abstract: The human face is an important part of an individual's body and it especially plays an important role in knowing an individual's mood. Extracting the required input from the human face can now be done directly using a camera. This input can then be used in many ways. One of the applications of this input can be for extracting the information to deduce the mood of an individual. This data can then be used to get a list of songs that comply with the ‘mood’ derived from the input provided earlier. This eliminates the time-consuming and tedious task of manually segregating or grouping songs into different lists and helps in generating an appropriate playlist based on an individual's emotional features. Various algorithms have been developed and proposed for automating the playlist generation process. Facial Expression Based Music Player aims at scanning and interpreting the data and accordingly creating a playlist based the parameters provided. The scanning and interpreting includes audio feature extraction and classification to get a list of songs belonging to a similar genre or to get a list of similar sounding songs.

Keywords: Music player, Face Detection, Facial Expression Recognition, Audio Feature Recognition, Viola Jones Algorithm.