Abstract: Data security in present age of cutthroat competition is a dire necessity. With present encryption methods to keep pace with hackers, the algorithms for encryption are getting more complicated with day. It is only a matter of time before this equation is reverse engineered, to successfully decrypt it. Thus a need for more secure means of communication is realized. To address this, quantum key distribution is a front-runner. Although it is still in its infancy, this technology has the potential to become a secure means of communication. Here data is encrypted with a private shared key, which changes every minute, possession of source and receiver. This key is sent by encrypting of selectively polarized photons, in form of binary. A hacker can intercept both but interception changes polarization, alerting both involved parties and rendering the message inaccessible. This has wide applications in ever expanding field of communication and could prove to be the future.

Keywords: Security, Cryptography, Symmetric Key, and Quantum Cryptography.