Abstract: Network survivability is the ability of a network getting connected under failures and attacks, which is the most important topic in the design and performance of wireless ad hoc sensor networks. The motivation of a large portion of research efforts has been to increase the network lifetime, where the lifetime of network is measured from the instant of deployment to the environment when one of the nodes has exhausted its limited power source and becomes in-operational which is commonly referred as first node failure. But there is a class of resource consumption attack called vampire attack whose work is to permanently disable the whole network by quickly draining nodes battery. The paper projects its focus on the way in which the attack should be overcome in the best possible manner. The security work in the wireless sensor network area which is priority and primarily focusing on denial of communication at the routing or mac levels. In this paper, the attack which is mainly focusing on the routing protocol layer that type of attacker is known as the resource depletion attacks. This attack causes the impact of disabling the networks by drastically draining the nodes battery power. This paper presents the detecting and preventing the lifetime of node by vampire attack and also the data security using the secret sharing algorithm.

Keywords: wireless sensor network, AODV, secrete sharing algorithm, DOS, MAC.