Abstract: This paper describes coin based solar mobile charger using MATLAB. Mobile phone’s become a major source of business/personal communication in this era; the mobile phone business is currently worth billions of dollars, and supports millions of phones. The need to provide a public charging service is essential. Many critics argued that a public mobile phone charging service is not a lucrative business because most users can charge their phones at home, in their office or in their cars. Coin operated mobile phone charger is new business milestone because many are attending business conventions and forgetting their charger at home or work place. Students and many people use the public transportation that don’t know that their level of their battery is low are prospective customers for coin operated mobile phone charger service. Recommended locations include: Hotels, Conference centres, Exhibition halls, Serviced offices, Exchange halls, Motels, Leisure centres, Health clubs, Training centres, Golf clubs, Retail outlets, Shopping malls, Internet cafes, Universities, Colleges, Hall of residence, Airports, Train terminals, etc., so that the mobile phone users can reactivate a low or dead battery by simply plugging in and charging for one, two or five rupee. This is designed based on PIC16F877A a 40-pin micro controller which works on the basis of the coin detection MATLAB codes.

Keywords: Webcam, LDR, LCD Display, Solar Panel, Relay, Microcontroller, Motor Driver, USART, Mobile Phone, Solar panel.