Abstract: Nowadays android phones are used for various purposes that are used in our daily life[1]. Similarly android phones can be used for supervising and regulating computers over a LAN network. We used Wi-Fi network to make a connection between a mobile phone and a personal Computer through servlet socket programming in java. The Wi-Fi network acts as a platform for sending and receiving commands and messages between the server and the client. Here the android phone is used as a server and the computer as a client. The server program sends some data as a command to computerís communication port. There is a client program in computer which readís the data from the communication port and executes the commands present in the data. Using Android SDK we have created an interface to monitor process on Android Device. The communication between Android Device and Computer is done by using PHP with Wamp Server in Backend. When the user/admin startís the Android interface he/she can fetch all the process information from the server and display it on the android device. The user can perform various operations using the Android device, the user/admin can perform various actions on the computers connected in a LAN network.

Keywords: Android application, LAN supervising, Wi-Fi Network, Tomcat Apache, mobile, Servlet.