Abstract: Cloud storage system empowers storing of data in cloud server effectually and allows the user to work with the data without any trouble of the resources. In existing system, mainly data damage occurred due to attacks by unauthorized user, attacker or hacker. High security technique is required in cloud to protect userís data from unwanted resources and unauthorized user. In the proposed system, for improving optimal performance and security some key techniques are wont such as Encryption Replication Fragmentation and Geo-Parameter. Fragmentation is used for divide the file into multiple slices. Fragmented slices are used as input for Replication to replicate these slices. Replication will improve availability of proposed system. Geo-Parameter is impressive way for file transaction in system as it provides security parameter like Time, Date, and Location. In propose system Division and Replication of Data in the Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security that collectively approaches the security and performance issues. In this methodology, we divide a file into fragments, and replicate the fragmented data over the cloud nodes. Each of the nodes stores only a single fragment of a particular data file that ensures that even in case of a successful attack, no meaningful information is revealed to the attacker. Moreover, the nodes storing the fragments are separated with certain distance by means of graph T-coloring to prohibit an attacker of guessing the locations of the fragments. Furthermore, the proposed methodology does not rely on the traditional cryptographic techniques for the data security; thereby relieving the system of computationally expensive methodologies.

Keywords: Fragmentation, Replication, Cloud Security, Data Integrity, Location Privacy.