Abstract: The primary objects of the present project to provide a novel means for safely detecting any malfunction of a pressurized Radiation system in order to prevent accumulation of combustible radiation so that damage or explosion due to such an accumulation of Radiation is prevented. Another object of the present invention is to provide a novel safety means for detecting the Radiation of rays into the area of an appliance when the appliance is in a shutdown condition and not in operation. The main objective of VRM is Vehicle radiation monitor (VRM) is a wall mountable unit which measures the Gamma field at the detector (Plastic-Scintillator). The Vehicle Radiation Monitor is intended to measure the radioactivity that may be present in the vehicles entering /leaving the nuclear installation. An Alarm is to be generated when the detected activity is higher than a set permissible value.

Keywords: Gama radiation; Plastic Scintillator; AluminiumIP-67 protection; Vehicle Radiation Monitor (VRM); Signal Processing Unit (SPU); Remote Display & Alarm indication Panel (RDAP).