Abstract: Database helps us to collect, retrieve, organise and manage the data. The database used in the project is used to associate userís personal documents together and keep it available for the user anytime he requires. The requirement of the project were to have a unique identity. To satisfy the requirement Adhar Card was used. This is used because there is only one card per person. The database is going to record all sensitive information of the user, so there is a need to provide security to it. This is done using encryption. Various algorithms were studied in the paper, the one suitable out of them was ETSFS (Extended Transpose Substitute Folding Shifting). NoSQL is chosen because it satisfies the need of storing images as well as text efficiently, compared to SQL database. There has been a study as to where all an encryption process should take place. The encryption/decryption here is provided on the Client Application end. This project should provide a unique identity for the database which is secured using encryption. This will help the user to keep the personal information online and not carry it around everywhere physically.

Keywords: NoSQL database, ETSFS algorithm, Application side Encryption.