Abstract: Blood pressure and the oxygen related problem has become more critical. So we are implementing an automated oxygen and blood pressure sensing system. The blood pressure sensing system will give the diastolic and systolic pressure reading on the display. In the oxygen sensing system the concentration of oxygen is evaluated in both breath in and breath out air in non-invasive manner in which the luminescence is generated by the oxygen sensitive luminophore. It directly depends on the concentration of the surrounding oxygen. The output of the two systems is received on the smart phone via Bluetooth. The system can prove to be quite handy for the doctor as it will help in minimizing their work. This is a wearable and an easy device. It is a combination of software and hardware. This android app is developed for the data visualisation. It is useful in the diseases like Asthma, Hypoxia, Brain hypoxia hyper tension etc.

Keywords: Blood pressure, Oxygen, Android App, Blood pressure sensor, Oxygen sensor, Bluetooth, Asthma, Hypertension, Brain Hypoxia etc.