Abstract: Water pollution is one of the key threats which affect the life of citizens residing in a country as well as plants and organisms living inside water bodies. As we know water covers 70 percent of the earthís surface it is our responsibility to keep water clean. The main cause of water pollution is due to disposal of industrial waste into the river. The same water is utilized by citizens of that area. Since it is polluted it causes adverse effect on a citizenís life. So polluted water needs to be detected. The parameters involved in the water pollution detection like pH value and turbidity are measured in real time with the help of sensors. pH is an important parameter to determine the nature of water , whereas turbidity is also an equally important parameter since it causes adverse effects on aquatic ecosystems. Here we propose a water pollution detection system by taking into consideration various aspects like cost, easy setup and easy handling. In this paper we propose design and implementation of water pollution detection system using pH and turbidity sensors.

Keywords: Water pollution, pH, turbidity, sensors, ecosystems.