Abstract: Due to the enormous growth in the number of vehicles, traffic density in cities is increasing day by day. So when it comes to the case of an ambulance, the chances for it to get stuck in traffic blocks are very high. Such situations can even cause death if the victim is in a critical stage. The delay in reaching of the ambulance to the accident location and the traffic blocks in between accident location and hospital increases the chance of death of the victim. This calls for the need of introducing a system to reduce the loss of life due to the delay in reaching the hospital. Our project considers optimal transport routes of ambulances which minimize the transport duration to a hospital. PIC microcontroller, GPS, GSM, RF ID, ZIGBEE are the major components used. Our project is mainly concerned in that area where, when an ambulance approaches the traffic signal, it will be cleared automatically, that is the signal will turn green with respect to the arrival of the ambulance. Here we are using an RF ID for detecting the ambulance. The project mainly consists of two sections; an ambulance section and traffic section. GPS module is used to determine the current location of the ambulance. GSM is used for sending message to the hospital informing that the ambulance is on the way.

Keywords: Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), Radio Frequency ID (RF ID), ZIGBEE, Traffic section, Ambulance section.