Abstract: This paper describes the design of a simple low cost microcontroller based real time monitoring and control of multi sensor using gsm techniques in embedded system. GSM modem using AT comments for sending and receiving message. The LM35 is an integrated circuit sensor that can be used to measure temperature with electrical output proportional to the temperature. The temperature sensor, Gas sensor and vibration sensor are connected to PIC 16F877A microcontroller. The sensors output are send message to concern person through serial communication and displayed in LCD. The GSM modem performs the operation of sending message to a particular SIM number.GSM technology provides users with high quality signal and giving them access to high quality digital communication at very affordable rates. GSM network operators can provide their customers with cheaper calling and text messing options.

Keywords: PIC Micro Controller1, Temperature sensor2, Vibration sensor3, Gas sensor4, GSM modem5.