Abstract: From many years, people were concerned about the secure transmission of data. Among the various cryptography techniques, the Adi Shamir's secret sharing scheme based on La-grange's polynomial is considered as the most secured one. But, it faces the man in middle attack in which an adversary can retrieve the secret even without any valid share. To over-come this drawback, the token generation mechanism is proposed in which each valid share is binded with the public information of all the nodes. The proposed system consists of Adi Shamir's secret sharing scheme based on Lagrange's polynomial along with the concept of Token Generation. Token Generation mechanism involves binding of shares with their respective shareholders. Due to this the intruder will not be able to retrieve the secret if he does not have a valid share. Thus, one can conclude that the proposed system provides better security than the traditional one.

Keywords: Security, secret sharing scheme, public information, token.