Abstract: Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analysing biological data. The standard method used for personal authentication is password, which is known to a user only. There is no security in the use of password if it is known to an imposter. Hence to overcome these problem passwords replaced with biometric authentication. Biometrics is the most secure and convenient authentication tool till today. Commonly used biometric is fingerprints, iris, retina, face, hand geometry, palm, etc. Identity verification in computer systems has been classically based on something what you are or what you already have. The guideline to be considered for user authentication system is recognition of the authorized user and rejection of the imposter. The aim of the biometrics is to decide whether the characteristics belong to the same person or not. So a better classifier is necessary to classify the patterns correctly. The survey presents various biometric techniques based on neural network.

Keywords: Neural network, authentication system, biometric & key authentication.