Abstract: In this paper we introduced E-notifier application in which students can view daily timetable through a widget & get important notices send by the server. The widget displays current lectures & by clicking on the widget, one can view entire days timetable. The important notices are displayed on the notification panel as soon as the user is connected to the internet. The basic architecture of this paper depends on two main areas client side & server side. Client: 1. As the user downloads the application he selects his branch & year to proceed.2 .The client side has mobile application that fetches the required time table details of particular branch &itís correspond year using My SQL.3. The entire client side Application design using Java, android and SQLite. Server:-On the server side, the admin can log in to add new notifications & update timetable that is to be broadcasted. The admin will have the authority to access, add and edit any information on the server. The server side coding is done in PHP language.

Keywords: E-notifier, SQLite, widget, notification panel.