Abstract: In this paper, new method for determining Rigidity temperature applying cooling curve analysis. The determined values of Rigidity temperatures for three AlSi8Cu3 alloys with different contents of Strontium using thermal analysis technique have been compared with Rigidity temperatures obtained using mechanical technique (viscosity measurement). It was established that there is good correlation between measured values of Rigidity temperatures determined using both above mentioned techniques. Thermal analysis is a useful tool for investigating the properties of polymer/clay nanocomposites and mechanisms of improvement of thermal properties. This review work presents examples of applications of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), modulated temperature differential scanning calorimetry (MT-DSC), dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMA), thermal mechanical analysis (TMA), thermogravimeric analysis (TG) and thermoanalytical methods.

Keywords: Polymer, Characterization , Rigidity, Thermal