Abstract: For many years peoples were used to send the message using the post office and other media which is not that secure. Passwords are commonly used by people during log in process to access such as computer, ATM, network, etc. Earlier password based authentication strategy are used with assume single server stored all password to authenticate the client during authentication. In earlier system the passwords necessary which is stored in a single server while authenticate client. The attacker can easily hack on single server, contain all data regarding password are easily available to attacker. In proposed system, where a client and a server, who share a password to authenticate each other and meanwhile establish a cryptographic key by share of messages. Propose system two server authentications, where a password is split into two parts, which are securely share on to the two servers during authentication using the PAKE protocol. The Protocol runs in parallel and is more efficient than existing.

Keywords: Security, shared key, password authentication, public key authentication.